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Funem Habes? Got Rope?
John Roper would like to welcome you to the world of rope making, an ancient and honourable trade, now sadly fading into the mists of time
This site has three major purposes. First, there is a serious dearth of information relating to the subject of rope making up to about the 1700s. Second, the site will serve as an educational tool for schools, youth groups, and non-profit service organizations. Finally, these are subjects that interest us and we wish to share this interest with others.
About John Roper

John Roper (aka John Nelson) first learned about rope making as a boy scout in the mid-1960s and as an adult re-discovered it in 1997 when he went with a troop of Boy Scouts to a Civil War re-enactment in Calico, California. There he met Sean, a participant with a rope machine built by his father. Sean was making sisal rope for anyone who wanted to participate in the demonstration. John was hooked (literally). He acquired a machine, delved into making his own machines, sought out antique rope making gear and purchased it, researched the history of the craft, joined a Medieval re-creation group and formed a rope making guild based upon one formed in the 13th century in Bridport, England, and now spends most of his available time either making rope, making machines, or doing demonstrations at Renaissance Fairs, schools, Scouts and hospitals.

Please be patient with us as we develop this site

We are looking forward to adding many useful things to this and subsequent pages on all aspects of rope, twine, cord, and other twisted fiber information, but our bosses do expect us to go to work on a regular basis. (Would that money could be acquired as easily as rope)
Here is a sample list of things that will be included here:
  1. General history of rope making
  2. Archaeological data
  3. Early historical references
  4. Medieval European rope making and guilds
  5. Industrial age rope making
  6. Fibers used in rope making
  7. Terms and techiques of rope making
  8. Bibliography and webography
  9. Associated links and organizations
  10. Useful knots
  11. Cordmaking

If you have questions please feel free to let John know, or if you would like to see additional information here send a few bytes our way.

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Direct questions about rope making to John Nelson
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