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When performance counts, you can count on Aamstrand. Whether you require small twine, twisted rope, braided cord or double braided rope, for any commercial or industrial application, as well as specialty applications, such as sailboat rigging, pleasure marine, climbing, rescue, or arborist  you can depend on Aamstrand. Our products are checked at each step of manufacturing, making certain that our defining standards of quality and craftsmanship are maintained.  Aamstrand can also custom manufacture cordage according to the performance characteristics you require.  Regardless of your requirements, we provide economical reliable cordage, no matter what your working conditions may be.  We also offer specialized fiber ropes made from blended raw materials, in order to create rope products that have special qualities to meet your requirements.


About Us

Aamstrand Ropes & Twines Inc. was founded in 1965. In an industry that has been dominated by companies over a century old, Aamstrand is a newcomer. The company was founded on the premise that change, innovation, and new technology are the elements needed in this industry calcified by tradition, outdated ideas, and methods. Now, after more than 50 years we believe Aamstrand to be the leader in our industry. Aamstrand brand products were being produced in Bedford Park, IL, until 1989, at which time the facility was expanded and moved to Manteno, IL where we have been for the past 27 years.